Last night we ran into one of our old neighbors.  We have known her family for the entire time we lived in our home (14 years) so I have known this woman since she was in middle school and have seen her grow up.  She got pregnant when she was 20 years old and while...
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Be kind chalk
The other day, I was speaking to Mae about hanging out with kids in the neighborhood.  I told her if I ever say anything that she feels is racist or insensitive to the kids, I would like her to point it out to me.  While I was telling her this, she said, “but mom you...
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Mae (our 9 year old daughter) and I were on a 3 hour car ride yesterday. We started out listening to a kids podcast on Injustice and Anger. We kept stopping it at points and had all sorts of really great conversations. We talked about how Travon Martin and Ahmaud Arbery were murdered.  She thought...
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Mae, 9 year old
We have 3 nine year old girls on our block.  My daughter Mae is one of them.  I have a hard time letting her out of my sight in our neighborhood.  I have let my kids ride their bikes around the block just few times but for the majority of the time, I am with...
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Mae at Fondy Farmers Market
When the pandemic started, I thought I am going to be the best freaking home schooler mom ever.  I also run a small business so not sure where I thought I would have time to do this.  But in the beginning I gathered all the resources, information, kid webinars and had these amazing schedules printed...
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Mae reading
My daughter loves knowledge. She seeks out knowledge as if her life depends on it. I hate reading books with her because she will stop and go look up things to make sure she understands every little thing in the book. It is exhausting. But if we want to learn how something got to be...
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Dex with his nerf gun
I hate guns. I hate guns so much that up until the age of 4, my son called a gun a “pewer” (like pew, pew pew). I didn’t want to talk about guns and didn’t allow them in the house. But when he started using sticks and rocks and anything he could find to shoot...
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Police surrounding 9th and Ring
Last night there was a standoff on 9th and Ring. Alex and I were out enjoying music by the fire pit in our backyard when we started hearing police yell, “Residents of 3260 N. 9th St. come out of your home. You are under arrest.” We were startled at first because we had no idea...
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Kids Trick or Treating
When we first moved into our house, I remember being so excited for trick or treating.  We didn’t have kids at that point so I thought, I will be the house that hands out the “good” candy, not Tootsie Rolls and Smarties. I bought a few bags of candy and we had 3 trick or...
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