A mass shooting happened here last weekend. 5 girls/women were shot and one 15 year old boy died here. A block away on Concordia St. there are two memorials as well as a home where a 2 year old was accidentally shot and killed. Milwaukee needs more people to help. Milwaukee needs all of us to give a little more of our time and resources. Too many kids have been killed on these blocks and people here need more resources.

Systemic racism and poverty are a huge knot to untangle but that doesn’t mean we should be scared or unwilling to help.

A lot of people ask me if my neighbors were ok with us moving in almost 17 years ago to 53206 as we were the only white people in several blocks.  I was surprised that when we moved in, no one really cared what color skin we had, they were glad someone showed up to give and not take.  You see, so many people come to areas of concentrated poverty and take advantage of it.  My neighbors saw us as someone who wanted to help and they didn’t care if I said something dumb in learning how to be a good neighbor and ally.  This neighborhood is constantly depleted of resources and anyone who wants to give some back, is a breath of fresh air.  53206 needs a lot of help and to be honest, kids’ lives are at stake. 

Here are some simple things in which I believe can help loosen these knots that have been tied so tight for too many years.

  • Beautify the space – come and clean up trash here.
  • Volunteer at local schools in the area and give kids a better chance at graduating. 
  • Donate books, household items, food to create some margin.
  • Invest in and provide high quality rental homes.
  • Volunteer at We Got This and mentor kids on Saturdays this summer.
  • Show up to show people in this neighborhood that they matter.

What else can I add to this list?  Let me know if you have other ways that we can join together and help areas that need it, I would love to have coffee and discuss.  I really believe when we work together, we can help make this community better and stronger.