How do we fight Systemic Racism?

My daughter loves knowledge. She seeks out knowledge as if her life depends on it. I hate reading books with her because she will stop and go look up things to make sure she understands every little thing in the book. It is exhausting. But if we want to learn how something got to be how it is, we need to look back. We need to see how things were put together. For white America, we used Black slaves to make our lives better.

I believe if we start to learn what actually happened, not just what we were taught in our white suburban schools, we can begin to learn about the injustices Black people endured in the past and why things are currently so broken. Below is a list of things I do to try to learn more.

Some ways to learn more:

  • Listen to podcasts with Black voices (I really like Codeswitch)
  • Read from Black authors
  • Watch movies with Black main characters
  • Hire Black people
  • Even follow more Black people on Instagram and Facebook
  • Listen to your Black friends

Start off here by listening and learning. Then we can start to make a change.