Come out of your home. You are under arrest.

Last night there was a standoff on 9th and Ring. Alex and I were out enjoying music by the fire pit in our backyard when we started hearing police yell, “Residents of 3260 N. 9th St. come out of your home. You are under arrest.” We were startled at first because we had no idea that the whole block was surrounded by police. I went up to the top of my kids treehouse and saw that the alley had several policemen with their assault rifles drawn. Our night had drastically changed.

I waited silently praying that no one would die on my block tonight.

Soon the police were breaking down the door. As we watched I wondered what he had done and how hard it was to know your life was going to be over one way or the other. I watched as young kids were walking home from the bus stop with their parents watching this scene unfold. I was thankful my kids were in bed so I didn’t have to explain this situation to them tonight.

There were no shots and we found out later that the man inside turned himself in. I am thankful no one died but having that type of thing happen to a neighborhood is not normal, or at least should not be normal. Kids should not have to see that type of thing in their neighborhood coming home. How can we help to never see this type of situation again?