Systemic racism
14th St Milwaukee
A mass shooting happened here last weekend. 5 girls/women were shot and one 15 year old boy died here. A block away on Concordia St. there are two memorials as well as a home where a 2 year old was accidentally shot and killed. Milwaukee needs more people to help. Milwaukee needs all of us...
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Why We Can't Wait
This weekend one of our neighbors moved out.  She was a really nice woman with two kids.  She was a quiet neighbor and left for work early and came home late.  We didn’t see her a ton but when we talked with her, she was kind and seemed like she was doing a great job...
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Alex and I put out a podcast asking the question if our neighborhood was violent and crime ridden on the same day Mae and I rode our bikes by a new memorial of another death in our neighborhood. There were balloons on a tree and candles below them which symbolizes that someone most likely was...
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We had a fire on Wednesday night. While sitting outside, about an hour after sunset, we heard about 50 gunshots just a few blocks away.  We sat there and hoped for them to stop, but they kept coming.  When they finally stopped, we listened and waited for police sirens, but didn’t hear any. The strange...
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