House with trash
I have loved living in the innercity and haven’t thought realistically about moving out of 53206 in the last 10 years.  I love my neighbors.  I love seeing how our neighborhood has improved.  I love our community garden and orchards.  But sometimes it is hard.  Hearing police sirens and wondering how close they are is...
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Mae (our 9 year old daughter) and I were on a 3 hour car ride yesterday. We started out listening to a kids podcast on Injustice and Anger. We kept stopping it at points and had all sorts of really great conversations. We talked about how Travon Martin and Ahmaud Arbery were murdered.  She thought...
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Dex with his nerf gun
I hate guns. I hate guns so much that up until the age of 4, my son called a gun a “pewer” (like pew, pew pew). I didn’t want to talk about guns and didn’t allow them in the house. But when he started using sticks and rocks and anything he could find to shoot...
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Rainbow on 8th St.
It’s not that bad.  Great, four words down and only 996 more to go. I think about how I should describe where we live a lot. I have the unique perspective of having lived in a suburb of Chicago for half of my life and the inner city of Milwaukee for the other half. My...
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Kid walking dog
There was a long time where I skirted around the questions where do you live. Because of this, I can kind of tell now when someone is going to bring it up. We will be chatting about some restaurant or a place on the east side that we both go to and the person I...
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