3 Nine Year Olds

We have 3 nine year old girls on our block.  My daughter Mae is one of them.  I have a hard time letting her out of my sight in our neighborhood.  I have let my kids ride their bikes around the block just few times but for the majority of the time, I am with my kids or I can see them.  Mae recently met some new girls who are her age and really wants to go over to their house or have them over.  I have resisted and only let her join them on the sidewalk  or in the community garden.  The thing is that these girls are so similar, they like to bike, care about clothes but as far as their socioeconomic status goes they are drastically different.

I know both families and respect both of them.  Why am I hesitant to let my daughter play with them?  Is it because I think their lives are different due to their economic situation?  One of the girls doesn’t have much furniture in her home.  Do I feel bad that my daughter has so many more things than her?  Maybe I should see things differently. I know both of the families loves their little girl just as much as I love mine.  I know the moms would do anything for their 9 year olds.  Shouldn’t that be enough?