Mr. Robert

God has a funny sense of humor. When we bought our house and moved in, two men that I didn’t know were living in the flat below us. I remember Mr. Roberts’ son coming upstairs to ask me for video game cheat codes.  He was a bit intimidating at 6’5” but a gentle man who loved video games and always had a smile on his face. Mr. Robert and his son soon moved out but still lived just down the street.  I didn’t realize how lucky we were to get started on 8th Street with such an incredible man.

Mr. Robert was the type of person who would pick up trash in front of my house and everyone’s house on the block because he wanted EVERYONE to have a better neighborhood. He would always have time to chat, ask how my husband was and make sure I told my father-in-law ‘hi’ for him. He was one of the first people who invited me into the community and showed me what it means to be a good community member. I feel so lucky that I knew Mr. Robert and took time to sit and chat with him.

Ashley is Mr. Robert’s granddaughter and lives in his home down the street from me.  I have gotten to know her and feel we have a bond because of Mr. Robert.  I honestly feel so lucky that I get to share a community space with her, because her and her family have shown me what a true community is all about.  

Ashley invited me on her podcast, Sage Chronicles, this month and we get into what community is and talk about looking to our elders and walking in their shoes.  I understand that 53206 is statistically one of the worst places in the state, but if the community is on our side, it has shown to be one of the best.