53206 Podcast
Meg and Alex talk shop, whatever that means, around education, specifically inequities in educational outcomes. The couple dives into some of the causes of a student not graduating high school to give a little insight on one of the more alarming statistics around education – the fact that the graduation rate in Wisconsin for African...
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Meg and Alex give an update on how virtual school is going for their kids in Milwaukee Public Schools and talk about how/why some of the people from the neighborhood won’t be able to engage with learning in at the same level as their own kids.
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Virtual Learning
We started our the school year yesterday virtually.  It was a tough day, our kids definitely had their ups and downs but Alex and I work from home and have a lot of flexibility in our day.  I don’t worry about our kids getting a good education because I know we can put in place...
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Meg and Dex
Dex and I biked to a coffee shop last night that is about a mile away.  We were stopped at the traffic light on Holton St.  I told him this street is one of the dividers of the good and bad area of Milwaukee, he tuned to me and said, the white and the black...
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This if my first ever crossposted blog post. The motivation to start moving on writing our own blog came from working on blog posts for my job as a school leader. We talk a lot about equity through deeper learning, but I don’t have a words to describe what that actually means. There are three...
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