Virtual Learning

We started our the school year yesterday virtually.  It was a tough day, our kids definitely had their ups and downs but Alex and I work from home and have a lot of flexibility in our day.  I don’t worry about our kids getting a good education because I know we can put in place extra work for them, to ensure our kids are at the top of their level.  The thing I  worry about is the single moms who don’t have any extra capacity to take on virtual school.  I worry about the kids who will be home with their older brother making sure they get online.  The kids who are going to their grandparents who don’t know anything about a Chromebook so won’t be able to help when something isn’t working right.  Those kids aren’t going to learn as well as my kids and that doesn’t seem right.  It is one more way that someone with privilege doesn’t even see this massive injustice that will happen.  This isn’t the schools fault, I know that our public schools and teachers are trying their hardest, the fault is due to the oppression and stress that poverty put on many in Milwaukee.  COVID has made clear that those with and those without have stark realities and now it is showing up for kids and will leave a mark.  It is terrifying to realize that some kids just won’t be learning.  They might go online but their education isn’t going to be as good as someone who’s socioeconomic status is higher.  I am not sure how to make this right, it seems like a huge issue that the longer it goes on, will have more of a bad impact.