June 19, 2020
Black Lives Matter mural on MLK in Milwaukee
I didn’t know what Juneteenth was until I moved into my neighborhood.  I didn’t have any idea that the holiday existed for the first 25 years of my life.  We moved into our home on 8th Street in May and I clearly remember that Juneteenth back in 2006.  There was parade that surrounded our neighborhood...
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Disclaimer: Keep in mind that myself and my family are white and live in an all black neighborhood. In many ways, even to this day, we are still learning about what it means to be white or black or rich or poor. My hope is that any confessions of my ignorance are in some small...
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Running shoes
Committing to write a blog post (or some other similar content) a day means that you actually have to do it. The circumstances of my day, and the fact that we are getting ready to go on vacation means that I probably should have had something written yesterday, so I could post it today. That...
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