Inner City
In 2006 we were stupid kids. We bought a house we couldn’t afford. I was 22 and my wife, Meg, was 24. I hadn’t graduated college yet. Meg had, but hadn’t found much in terms of a career. We were both working as interns at a church outside of Milwaukee and increasing in restlessness as...
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Rainbow on 8th St.
It’s not that bad.  Great, four words down and only 996 more to go. I think about how I should describe where we live a lot. I have the unique perspective of having lived in a suburb of Chicago for half of my life and the inner city of Milwaukee for the other half. My...
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Kid walking dog
There was a long time where I skirted around the questions where do you live. Because of this, I can kind of tell now when someone is going to bring it up. We will be chatting about some restaurant or a place on the east side that we both go to and the person I...
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Kids Trick or Treating
When we first moved into our house, I remember being so excited for trick or treating.  We didn’t have kids at that point so I thought, I will be the house that hands out the “good” candy, not Tootsie Rolls and Smarties. I bought a few bags of candy and we had 3 trick or...
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Downtown Milwaukee
I am really into reading on Reddit and by really into it I mean reading posts about Phish and Milwaukee. I should really branch out into something else, but never really do. While on vacation last week I saw about post asking for people’s feedback on what they love and hate about Milwaukee.  (  At...
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