A New Thing Happened

Alright, so something new happened to me today. I was on a Zoom call and someone said they were rethinking where they lived, because of racial inequity. They were thinking of moving out of their neighborhood into one that as more diverse. That’s a new thing. I might have heard someone say that before and it’s possible I know people who have moved for that reason, but it just came up in a larger conversation. Like it was normal. That has been our normal for a long time but I never actual thought it would be someone else’s normal.

That means something. I’m not totally sure what it means or what the implications are for us, but it means something.

If you are reading this, at this point it means you are someone we know. If you read anything that you have a question about or want to start a discussion around a particular topic, we would appreciate the dialog. I don’t think her and I will ever run out of things to talk about (one of the bonuses of living where we do), but it would be nice to include someone else in those conversations.