Last night Alex asked me if I would have rather been a web developer for Google or be self employed and live where we live now. I thought about it for a bit and thought about all of the relationships I’ve made with people on my block. I thought of the true beauty of sitting with Ms. Maggie, my next door neighbor and having her teach me how to garden when we first moved in. I thought about Charlie inviting new in his backyard to show me the new plants he grew. I thought about seeing Robert walking the block and picking up trash in my front yard. I thought about talking with Andre about strawberries and raspberries we planted in the community garden. I have had so many incredible experiences with people from my neighborhood that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I feel so lucky that I’ve gotten to experience those kinds of connections. It’s those nothing conversations, when your just getting home and you stop to chat for a few minutes that add up. They add up to let you see how people really live and you are able to live life with them. I told Alex that I wouldn’t change a thing as far as our life choices because I feel so lucky to have been able to know and grow with so many amazing people.