Using My White Privilege

I clearly remember the first time I knew I was using my white privilege. It was summertime and the community garden program just let out. There were usually 50 boys who worked in the morning and got $20 for their efforts, leaving happily across the bridge and around my block. I loved going outside to see them, they had such joy and confidence after the morning program. That day, I was outside watching and weeding my front yard with Dex. A police car pulled up to two boys. The boys looked very scared and annoyed so I went over holding Dex who was around 2ish. I clearly remember being scared for the boys. I didn’t think they would be harmed but I thought how scary it would be for them to have to ride in a police car. So, I went up with Dex on my hip, thinking if I could say something maybe they would let the boys go. With a scared and shaking voice, I told the police that the boys were part of the We Got This program and I would gladly go grab one if the leaders to clear up anything. The police told me to go away but I clearly remember waiting and watching until the boys were let go. I have no idea if I did anything to help but I know how scary it was for me to see two 14 year olds questioned from police. I knew that I was using my white privilege even if I was scared. I didn’t get it right that time as it was pretty ineffective, but it taught me that I need to continue to seek out opportunities that I can help.