The Real Reason to be Angry over George Floyd’s Death

I am not just angry over George Floyd’s death, these types of injustices have been happening all over the US for years.

White people are now realizing this is happening to people of color and that should be the outrage.

The outrage should be that we are now “seeing” this, that we now feel uncomfortable. Where the hell have we been for the last 100 years when the US was putting systemic racism into every asset of the way we live?

The thing that I believe we need to understand (I stay as a white woman of privilege) is that starting to see these kinds of injustices is only the beginning. The next part is the hard part and that is the part where you look into your lives and see how you have been affected by white privilege and then go against that current. Talk about it, read about it, seek out information on systemic racism and put yourself in situations where you feel uncomfortable. That is when the change can start to happen.

Yes, we should all be angry over George Floyd’s death but we should be enraged over every injustice that a person of color goes through. Whether that is letting you pass in front of them in the grocery store line or a mother having to tell her son what to do when a police officer stops them so they don’t get killed. All of this is not the way it should be and we need to start to acknowledge this before any change can happen.

I applaud all the white people that say this is the time to act but we need to know that people of color have been feeling this way for a long time. People of color are tired and I believe it is white people who need to start to fight these injustices since we put them in place first. This isn’t something that is going to change overnight, this is ingrained into every part of the American way. Once we start to realize that, change can start to happen.