Best Suburbs for Raising a Family

While I was suppose to be working working today, I was looking at MSN and an article caught my attention: America’s best suburbs for growing families. I feel that articles like these are perpetuating racism whether we know it or not.  I would bet most of these cities on the list have little diversity and even more social-ecomical diversity.  Having these “best cities for raising a family” perpetuates the move away from people that are social-ecomical diversity which I think causes the issue in Milwaukee.  When we have “good place” then of course we have “bad places” that are unsafe, bad schools and places most white people avoid.  When those “bad” places have people that are Black living there, that is an issue because we inversely see Black people as bad.

When wealthy white people avoid places and people, it creates a larger wage gap and perpetuates poverty.  If we are able to see that no area is “bad” I think we can start to see that no people group is “bad”.  Even when we can own up and know we see areas of Milwaukee as “bad” we can start to try not to think of the people there as “bad”.