Less Valuable

Run down homeI was on a walk yesterday and I noticed a woman weeding her yard right next to the alley.  To be honest, I have a fairly nice yard and I don’t always care about the weeds by the alley so I was impressed by her immaculate clean yard.  The home had anything a house in Tosa or Brookfield would have; charm, nice flowers and some real curb appeal.   I kept walking and saw house next-door (pictured right)  and thought how opposite it is compared to the woman’s that was kept up so nicely.  I thought about how annoying it would be to live next to this home.  Living next to something so ugly gets to you.  It makes you mad when you look at it.  It makes you feel that your home is less valuable because of the eyesore that is next to it.  It might even make you feel less valuable.