We just got back from vacation and although it was nice, I had this nagging feeling the whole time. I kept thinking about how so many people in my zip code can’t go on vacation. So many can’t go out to eat at a nice restaurant.  Vacations aren’t bad, but the fact that not everyone can go on them means something is wrong.

My neighbor called me the other day to see if we had a place for her to rent. Her landlord is selling the home she is living in and she needs to move out. She told me she can’t afford much more than $400 because she only brings in $800 / mo.  She asked if we could help her but I see a bigger problem for her than just finding a place to rent.

Many people in Milwaukee have a much harder life than me.  

Many people work really hard but don’t bring home enough for their family.

It’s not right when some have an easier life than others. The only reason I have more of a margin in my income is because of where I grew up and the color of my skin.

My kids were playing at the park the other day and a girl was telling them how she got to go out to eat last weekend.  She was going on and on about how great it was.  When I asked where she went out to eat, she said Taco Bell.  I was somewhat heartbroken that Taco Bell was the nice restaurant she went to.

I have a hard time with the fact that so many people live in poverty and in Milwaukee many of them are people of color. Alex and I did two 53206 podcast episodes on poverty the last few weeks and I find myself thinking about poverty a lot especially when I get to relax.  My one neighbor who brings in $800 a month, how can she ever relax with so little of a margin?

I don’t really have any answers here other than I am struggling with this.  I know life isn’t fair but when life isn’t predictably fair for some based on their race or where they live, that isn’t OK.  When the majority of a zip code can’t ever let go and take a break, it shouldn’t be right for any of us.