It’s Probably Not Their Fault

I love living in our neighborhood, because there is always something new to learn. Yesterday, Meg found out some background information on someone we have known for years. Obviously being super vague on purpose, but it totally reframed why the person is the way that they are. The information changed at least my mindset but probably both of ours on the individual. The sad thing is, we shouldn’t have needed this new piece of information to see them in a better light. This person’s outward appearance through their actions are confusing and hard to understand without what we found out yesterday. I wonder how many more times that same dynamic plays out. I bet it’s all over the place. I was more inclined to not like this person before I found out more about why they are the way the are. I shouldn’t have assumed what I found out was true all along, but I guess I shouldn’t assume it wasn’t true. Meg asked me yesterday if I feel the weight of living here. Sometimes you can feel it the air, like when you walk into a basement like ours and it’s way more humid than the rest of the house. It’s thick and drains your mental energy. Last night I told her that it seems like everyone I talk to here I feel bad for, and all of my friends in the neighborhood are struggling and it isn’t their fault. Just like it isn’t the fault of the person I was referring to at the beginning of this post.