The Secret Garden

Most mornings, while walking my dog, I would pass by Charlie’s house. He would invite me into his backyard to let me see his pears growing on the tree or a new flower he just planted. He loved his yard and I loved seeing his passion for it. I always thought his backyard was like the one in the Secret Garden. It was magical. When Alex and I bought his house, I was so excited for the yard. There is a pear and apple tree and so much beauty. When I was mowing the lawn the other day I noticed a beautiful rose bush in the middle of the lawn. I wondered how such a beautiful plant could grow among just plain grass. That represents exactly what Charlie’s house it, so much beauty among so many non beautiful homes. Charlie took such good care of everything that I’m not surprised by that beautiful plant. He cared about ever crevasse on his property and I love seeing his plants continue to shine because of his hard work.