I had a running injury a few weeks ago so this was the first I started running again. Today I was running in a different are than usual so I couldn’t keep track of my mileage as I usually can. It was a hard run, like really hard and I got done and thought I went really far. I thought, I had to go at least 4 miles but probably did 5. But when I mapped it out, I only went 2 miles. Just two stinking miles. It made me think of the race stuff going on all around the country. When I talk with people and think about things, I feel like progress is being made, that it’s hard and tiring and but we feel like we are all doing things to make a real difference. But just like my run, we haven’t gone very far at all. There is so much needed to be done. I worry we are going to get tired and stop. I think we need to know that we have a long way to go. I just read something that said that every area of our society will need to change in order to improve things for Black people, not just the police. We are all going to keep digging deep and finding ways to change things. We need to cheer each other on. We need to know that it’s going to be hard, but Black people need us whites to take the baton for a while. Because if we don’t, things won’t change and more injustices will occurs and we can’t afford for that to happen.