The Word We Don’t Say

I was in the car this morning with my kids and there was a segment about a person who yelled the N word to a group of black people.  Mae likes to listen to the radio so I thought we should talk about this word.  I didn’t ever say the word aloud but told them what it rhymed with and that it should never be said.  I told them how some stupid white kids will probably say it someday when you are around it is your responsibility to tell them it is not OK.  I told them if there is a black kid around you should tell them that they are sorry they had to hear that.  They both brought up kids in their classes that they would stand up for so I think they understood and hope they won’t ever hear that word used derogatorily.   I am glad that these kinds of conversations come up and that my kids are old enough to understand these types of things.  I hope in teaching them these types of things that we are changing lives for the better for Black youth.