What Options do Youth Have

Last night there was a bunch of boys (ages around 12-14ish) that were hanging out in my neighbors yard.  I hadn’t seen them so I asked what they were up to.  They said nothing and got up and kept walking.  It struck me that they really have nothing to do in the inner city.  It makes me really angry that there isn’t anything for kids to do in the inner city.  There are no malls, coffee shops or just anywhere for kids to hang out.  No wonder kids get into so much trouble, no wonder they steal cars or light off fireworks.  I was trying to think of ideas of things they could do but I came up with none.  I don’t think we should be blaming kids for getting into trouble when our community gives them literally nothing to do.  I think about when I was in high school and made all kinds of dumb choices.  But since I was a white girl, I didn’t have to pay for any of the stupid things I did.  If a black boy gets in trouble, what will happen to him?