Feeling Safe

I’m was my way to get groceries when I realize I was almost out of gas. This isn’t something that happens to me regularly, I usually keep an eye on my gas tank. But I was a few miles from my home and wondering if I could make it to the grocery store or not.  As I drove by gas stations in the inner city of Milwaukee, I knew that I didn’t want to stop there to get gas.  If I did stop at one of the ones on the way, I don’t think I would get mugged or have my car get stolen but I would have to really watch my surroundings as I don’t know what kind of place they are.  I have a regular place I go for gas that is up the street from my home. We know the owners because we have gone there so often.  I know the people that work there and know that they watch out for me and have my back. I feel very safe going there. Living in the inner city for 14 years, I know the safe places around where I live and I know the places I shouldn’t go. It’s an odd thing but even certain streets, I just don’t go down.   But I have found that the longer I live here the more places that I have found that I once felt unsafe and now love to go to.  The more I explore, the more people I am able to talk to about all kinds of things.  It has been a really beautiful experience.  It is OK to feel unsafe when we go to new places, that is normal when you aren’t familiar with the area.  But that shouldn’t keep up from trying them out in a safe way.